Thermovent HEPA HME Filter

  • Code: SM100585000

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The Portex Thermovent HEPA by Smiths Medical is a hydrophobic bacterial and viral filter providing a highly effective barrier to both liquid and airborne micro-organisms while presenting minimal resistance to gas flow. The patented even-pleated filter medium allows maximum filtration efficency; deep pleats ensure consistent gas flow during prolonged use

  • Filter Type: Pleated hydrophobic mechanical
  • Tidal volume: 150-1200ml
  • Humidity output: 25.6mg H20 per 250L
  • Dead space: 45ml
  • Weight: 30.7g
  • Gas sampling port
  • Packaged sterile
  • Independently tested and shown to meet the proposed European Standard for viral and bacterial penetration both before and after 24 hours use
  • 100% tested for filtration performance, resistance to flow and housing integrity during manufacture
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