CapnoDura Combi ETCO2 Detector

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Limited space, unfavorable patient positioning, disturbing ambient noise - even though endotracheal intubation is regarded as the gold standard for airway management, it is still often hampered in preclinical emergency medicine by adverse external circumstances. To check the ideal positioning of the endotracheal tube, a clear indication of carbon dioxide during respiration is helpful. The CO2 detector CapnoDura Combi offers precisely this and makes the expiration of CO2 visible!

Mounted directly on the tube, the CapnoDura Combi reliably measures the CO2 values during respiration for up to 24 hours. Thanks to the color scale which is colored according to the amount of CO2 exhaled, the CapnoDura provides quick information on CO2exhalation for both adults and children.


Your benefits:

• Simple handling

• Quick to understand measurement results thanks to the color scale

• Can be used for up to 24 hours

• Suitable for use on both adults and children (as of a body weight of 10 kg)

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