Bivona Mid-Range Aire-Cuf Adjustable Hyperflex Tracheostomy Tube

  • Code: SM75HA60

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Adjustable Neck Flange Hyperflex™ Tracheostomy Tubes can be adjusted for horizontal and vertical shaft drop to accommodate unusual anatomy or pathology. Thick neck, bull neck, obese and trauma patients can also have a secure airway, without the use of endotracheal tubes in tracheal stomas. Similar to the TTS™ tube except this tube features the more traditional and familiar mid-range Aire-Cuf® tube. 

NOTE: Adjustable neck flange tracheostomy tubes are intended for temporary use until the proper length fixed neck flange tube can be obtained. 

  • Wire-reinforced tube shaft design is intended for improved kink and crush resistance
  • Silicone tube construction allows the tube to remain flexible in the trachea
  • Clip-in obturator with hollow tip allows for changing of tube over a guidewire
  • Kit includes a tracheostomy tie and obturator/introducer device
  • Sizes 6.0mm to 9.0mm
  • MRI Conditional for magnetic resonance imaging
  • Sterile
Code Description Unit
SM75HA60 6.0mm EACH Add to quote
SM75HA70 7.0mm EACH Add to quote