22G Spinal Needle -Quincke Single Packed (90mm)

  • Code: SML74661

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Spinal Anaesthesia

  • Complementing the epidural systems products, Smiths Medical applies the same meticulous attention to detail and quality to a range of precision-engineered spinal needles, including the Portex RapID® spinal needle range.
  • Designed to provide maximum performance without compromise to safety, the Portex RapID® spinal needle selection delivers the high performance demanded by today’s healthcare professionals.
  • Spinal needles are available in Lancet (Quincke) and Pencil Point (Whitacre) tip designs, and offered as either individual needles supplied with a matched introducer needle or in convenient procedure trays.
  • Recognising that procedural techniques vary, the Portex RapID® range of spinal needles are also available through the Select Custom Kitting service, allowing clinicians to customise a spinal procedure tray to suit individual needs.
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SML74661 22G Spinal Needle -Quincke Single Packed (90mm) BX100 Add to quote