Portex Sodasorb

  • Code: SM008850

  • Unit: 

Medical-grade SODASORB® (soda lime USP-NF) is the original CO2 absorbent and has been the worldwide market leader for nearly eighty years. SODASORB® is specially designed to provide exceptional CO2 absorption performance, superior color indication contrast, and optimal resistance to dusting. SODASORB® absorbent is intended for use in anesthesia circle systems and respiratory therapy equipment for the purpose of removing exhaled carbon dioxide. SODASORB® makes it possible for intended in-line gases to be rebreathed by the patient.

Code Description Unit
SM008850 Portex Sodasorb Plastic Bottle 22.5 Kg BX5 Add to quote
SM008855 SM Sodasorb Lf Plastic Jug 4.2 Kg NS BX3 Add to quote
SM008860 Portex Sodasorb Canister-Pak Refill Bag 1.64 L BX12 Add to quote
SM008865 Portex Sodasorb Lf Canister-Pak Refill Bags BX12 Add to quote
SM008875 Portex Sodasorb Lf Co2 Absorbent Pre-Pak BX12 Add to quote