Portex Sodasorb

  • Code: SM008850

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Medical-grade SODASORB® (soda lime USP-NF) is the original CO2 absorbent and has been the worldwide market leader for nearly eighty years. SODASORB® is specially designed to provide exceptional CO2 absorption performance, superior color indication contrast, and optimal resistance to dusting. SODASORB® absorbent is intended for use in anesthesia circle systems and respiratory therapy equipment for the purpose of removing exhaled carbon dioxide. SODASORB® makes it possible for intended in-line gases to be rebreathed by the patient.

Code Description Unit
SM008850 Sodasorb Plastic Bottle 22.5 Kg BX5 Add to quote
SM008860 SM Sodasorb Canister-Pak Refill Bag 1.64 L NS BX12 Add to quote
SM008865 SM Sodasorb Lf Canister-Pak Refill Bags NS BX12 Add to quote
SM008875 SM Sodasorb Lf Co2 Absorbent Pre-Pak BX12 Add to quote