Veno3 3Layer Complete Bandage System

  • Code: 9644L

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Veno 3 is a three layer Compression Bandaging kit for 25-30cm ankles - the management of chronic venous insufficiency and related conditions.

What is Veno 3?
Veno 3 is a latex-free three-layer compression bandage system, suitable for most patients with venous leg ulcers.

 Veno  consists of three latex-free bandages:
• Layer 1, padding bandage – absorbs exudate and redistributes pressure around the bony prominence of the ankle.
• Layer 2, Lastodur Strong - high stretch compression applied in a 50% overlap.
• Layer 3, cohesive bandage – adds to compression effect and helps keep the bandages in place for up to seven days.A Type 3a light compression bandage. When applied at mid stretch with a 50% overlap, this bandage gives an ankle pressure of 23 mmHg.2
• Highly versatile, Veno 3 can be used with the wound contact layer suitable for the wound you are dressing.

Application of Bandages
Before applying the first bandage:
• Check the ABPI to determine if arterial disease is present.
• If ABPI is less than 0.8 do not proceed.
• Apply an appropriate wound contact layer like Atrauman to cover damaged skin or open wounds.
• Reassess the circumferences after initial treatment, as it may have changed due to oedema reduction.
•  All components are latex-free.