Veno4 4 Layer Complete Bandage System

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The latex-free four-layer compression bandaging kit for the management of chronic venous insufficiency and related conditions.

Veno4® is a latex-free four-layer compression bandage system, suitable for most patients with venous leg ulcers. When applied correctly, Veno 4 can provide compression for up to seven days.

Veno4® consists of four latex-free bandages:

• Layer 1, viscose padding bandage – absorbs exudate and redistributes pressure around the bony prominence of the ankle.
• Layer 2, cotton crepe bandage – smoothes padding bandage.
• Layer 3, light elastic compression bandage – conforms to leg contours. Classified as a Type 3a light compression bandage by BS 7505:7995 this will deliver 17mmHg.
• Layer 4, latex free cohesive bandage – adds to the compression effect and helps to keep the bandages in place for up to seven days. A Type 3a light compression bandage. When applied at mid stretch with a 50% overlap, this bandage gives an ankle pressure of 23mmHg.

All bandages are non sterile, if necessary layer 1, layer 2 and layer 3 can be sterilised in the autoclave at 121°C for 20 minutes.

• Venous leg ulcers and related conditions

• Should not be used on diabetic patients patients with known arterial disease