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Puetter Pro 2 Two Layer Compression Kit 10cm

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Puetter Pro 2

Size: 10cm wide

Pieces/box 1 kit containing one short stretch and one long stretch bandage


For the treatment of venous leg ulcers, venous oedema, lymphoedema, chronic venous insufficiency


Patients with diabetic wounds, arterial ulcers or compromised blood flow


  • Combination of short stretch padding bandage and long stretch cohesive bandage providing effective inelastic compression
  • Inner layer: Short stretch properties, soft fabric for high patient comfort, cohesive coating on one side to reduce slippage an prevent shear and friction
  • Outer layer: Long stretch properties, thin and conformable for easy application, self-adhering non-slip bandage to secure the system in place


  • User friendly: one size fits all, no need for tape or scissors
  • Maximum patient comfort: thin and soft fabric allowing fits with most shoes
  • Non slip system: cohesive coating on both bandages
  • Provides compression for up to 7 days

Application guide

  • Step 1: Apply the inner layer white short stretch padding bandage

The cohesive side of the bandage should be facing away from the skin to keep the soft side in contact with the skin.

Secure the heel with a figure of eight fully covering the foot and the heel.

Do not apply full stretch when bandaging the foot.

Start applying compression at the ankle by stretching the padding bandage keeping it at full stretch.

Continue applying the padding bandage in a 50% spiral up the leg, keeping it at full stretch.

Finish bandaging 2cm below the fibular head.

Tear or cut off any excess bandage.

  • Step 2: Apply the outer layer, beige long stretch cohesive bandage

Apply the outer cohesive bandage using the same technique as the padding bandage. To reach the right level of pressure, stretch the bandage to double length during application (ie. 10cm unstretched => 20cm stretched in length). Dont apply full stretch to this bandage.

For patient comfort, allow a small border between the two bandages at the toes and the knee.

Tear or cut off any excess bandage and gently press the bandage onto the entire leg to ensure optimal cohesion.

Additional fixation is not necessary, but tape can be used if required.

Frequency of change:

Can stay in place for up to 7 days

*Coming soon Puetter Pro 2 with visual indicator to easily indicate 50% stretch

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