BioSkin Weil Osteotomy Strap OSFA

  • Code: BS95372

  • Unit: 

The Weil Ostetomy Strap supports proper healing after Weil Osteotomy. The strap prevents dorsal drift and floating toes by holding the toe in a neutral or plantar-flexed position. Shown with CMC Wrap (sold separately). Please choose either the CMC wrap or one of the AFTR products to use the Hallux Control Strap. It can be worn inside a walking boot, post-op shoe, or normal footwear. 


Recommended For:

  • Hammer Toe
  • Floating Toe
  • Dorsal Drift
  • Post-Weil Osteotomy Surgery
  • Metatarsalgia
  • Plantar plate tears 


Code Description Unit
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