Rckt Chest Drain P3

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Rocket R54543 Chest Drain Unit

Changes to the R54543 Triple Chamber Chest Drain.

  • The suction control is now a dry suction control system. This means that the thoracic vacuum can be connected to the chest drain unit and the amount of suction can be controlled by turning a dial rather than the level of water.
  • The unit works as single drainage unit, however if required, the device can be used as a dual drainage unit. The supplied extra tubing can be connected to a second chest catheter so that an apical and basal chest tube can be connected to the same chest drain unit.
  • At present this product is being supplied by Rocket Medical on a distribution only basis, this means the label will carry the legal manufacturers details which includes but is not limited to catalogue, lot and expiry date information. 
  • Rocket Medical will add a label to each pack and outer carton detailing catalogue number (R54543) and lot details only.
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