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Seldinger Chest Drain Kit - Portex

  • Code: SM200910120

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The Portex Seldinger Chest Drainage Kit by Smiths Medical has been specifically designed to combine the benefits of the Seldinger approach with the advantages of small catheters, allowing the easy insertion of a small chest drain into the pleural cavity for the management of non life-threatening pleural problems such as pneumothorax, low protein content effusions and low viscosity empyema.

  • Scalpel No11 to make initial skin incision
  • 10ml syringe to connect to blunt Tuohy introducer needle to identify when the pleural cavity has been entered
  • Guidewire (50cm long to maintain track into pleural cavity and facilitate the placement of the pleural catheter
  • Dilator (14F/4.66mm) to slightly enlarge track into pleural cavity and facilitate passage of the pleural catheter
  • Pleural catheter (12F, 3.96mm, 30cm long) to permit drainage
  • Male connector to permit connection to a chest drain system
  • 4-way stopcock to interface between the catheter and chest drainage bottle/bag to allow intermittent sampling