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Rckt Portable Thoracic Suction Unit

  • Code: 854569

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The Rocket® PSU™ Portable Suction Unit provides digitally controlled portable suction for attachment to Rocket® BLUE Chest Drainage Bottle (R54500) or Rocket® GREEN Chest Drainage Bottle (R54509). Applying up to a maximum of 5 kPa of suction, while allowing the patient full mobility during treatment. When suction is no longer required, simply remove the suction unit and the filter.

The system is indicated for the application of thoracic suction to the pleural space and features:

  • SIMPLE TO SET UP: Simple to follow steps prompted on the back lit LED screen.
  • 5 L/min @ 5 kPa PUMP: adjustable in 0.5 kPa increments.
  • ABILITY TO MEASURE IN MULTIPLE UNITS: Information can be displayed in cmH2O, kPa or mmHg - choose whichever unit your clinical staff are most comfortable.
  • ATTACHES TO THE Rocket® CHEST DRAIN BOTTLES: If you are already using the BLUE R54500 or GREEN R54549 Rocket® chest drain bottles and your patient requires suction support, the Rocket® PSU™ attaches directly to the top on the chest drain.
  • AIR LEAK INDICATOR: Allow the clinical staff to see when the last time the patient had an air leak.
  • UP TO 8 HOURS OF CONTINUOUS BATTERY LIFE: The Rocket® PSU™ can also be re-charged while in use.
  • USE WITH A SINGLE USE FILTER: To prevent cross contamination between patients.
  • DOWNLOAD THE PATIENT AIR LEAK INFORMATION TO A COMPUTER: For research and the documentation of treatment progress in the patient’s notes. The history of up to 5 patients can be stored on the device at any one time.
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