AMT Bridle

  • Code: 10143

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What is it?:

A nasal bridle is a securement method used to discourage patients, young or old, from pulling on their nasoenteric feeding tube. Reports show that 40 percent of nasogastric feeding tubes are dislodged, leading to the unnecessary surgical placement of a feeding device or conversion to parenteral nutrition support. A nasal bridle is an effective and safe way to secure a patient’s nasal tube, retaining the nutrition flow to the patient.

What does it look like?:

The nasal bridle system has distinct pieces; a blue retrieval probe, a white catheter with removable safety stylet and attached umbilical tape, a French size specific clip, a removal tool and a lubricant packet. Most of these components serve to thread the bridle into place within the nasopharynx. Once properly inserted, only the soft umbilical tape and French size specific clip remain. The other pieces are discarded.

The blue retrieval probe and white catheter have strong earth magnets at the end. The retrieval probe goes into the nostril free of the nasal tube and the catheter with safety stylet and attached umbilical tape goes into the other. Both the probe and stylet are advanced towards the back of the nasal septum where the two magnets will connect around the vomer bone inside the nasal cavity. The magnets allow the two pieces to unite creating the bridle loop with umbilical tape.

Once the bridle loop has been established, the nasal tube is placed into the groove of the clip, approximately 1cm below the nostril and just above the lip. The clip is pre-attached to the umbilical tape for ease of placement and secures the feeding tube in place.

Code Description Unit
10143 8Fr EACH Add to quote
11866 14Fr EACH Add to quote
11258 16Fr EACH Add to quote