AMT G-Jet Button 16Fr 3.5 x 45cm

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The AMT G-Jet is a low profile Gastro-Jejunal feeding tube which is used to help patients meet their nutritional needs by feeding directly into the small bowel whilst being able to vent the stomach at the same time. ... Gastric holes are located immediately after balloon to ensure gastric-only access.

The G-JET® Button’s unique internal tube geometry addresses clogging with a whole new profile. Unlike other G-J buttons, our tube transforms from a tri-lumen design in its proximal (gastric) segment to a single large lumen in its distal (jejunal) segment.

The design of the AMT G-JET’s jejunal lumen supports increased flow. The lumen offers a 69% larger cross-sectional area and eliminates all sharp corners and small spaces to help prevent clogging. With less clogging, fewer tube replacements may be required.

Independent third party testing has shown significantly longer balloon life under controlled laboratory acid test conditions when comparing the AMT MiniONE® balloon to the leading competitor balloon. The AMT G-JET® has the same balloon as the MiniONE®.

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