BG VenoReduced 23mmHg kit

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Veno Reduced is a 3 layer compression bandaging system providing less pressure for venour leg ulcers. It's latex free reduced compression bandaging kit for the management of chronic venous insufficiency and related conditions.

Latex-free bandage kit that provides compression for up to seven days.

What is Veno Reduced?
Veno Reduced is a latex-free 3-layer compression bandage system, suitable for most patients with venous leg ulcers.  When applied correctly, provides 23mmHg of pressure at the ankle.

Veno Reduced consists of 3 latex-free bandages  (the same bandges that are in Veno 4)
• Layer 1, padding bandage – absorbs exudate and redistributes pressure around the bony prominence of the ankle
• Layer 2, cotton crepe bandage – smooths padding bandage
• Layer 3, cohesive bandage – adds to compression effect and helps keep the bandages in place for up to seven days.A Type 3a light compression bandage. When applied at mid stretch with a 50% overlap, this bandage gives an ankle pressure of 23 mmHg.2
• Highly versatile, Veno 4 can be used with the wound contact layer suitable for the wound you are dressing

Application of Bandages
Before applying the first bandage:
• Check the ABPI to determine if arterial disease is present
• If ABPI is less than 0.8 do not proceed
• Apply an appropriate wound contact layer like Atrauman to cover damaged skin or open wounds
• Reassess the circumferences after initial treatment, as it may have changed due to oedema reduction

Natural Padding Bandage, Layer No. 1
• In a loose spiral fashion, apply the bandage without tension from the base of the toes up to the knee with 50% overlap
• If the ankle circumference is less than 18cm, two or more padding layers should be applied to increase to 18cm

Cotton Crepe Bandage, Layer No. 2
•Use the same spiral bandaging technique as for Layer No. 1
• During application, overlap each bandage by 50% and stretch to 50% of its maximum extensibility

Latex-free Cohesive Bandage, Layer No. 3
• Unwind approx 30cm (12 inches) of the bandage from the roll and allow the wrap to relax. Apply one full wrap at the base of the toes and press overlapped area lightly
• Following the same method continue wrapping the bandage in a spiral manner from the base of the toes to just below the knee, however to apply tension stretch the bandage to 50% of its maximum extensibility
• Overlap each layer by half the width. At the base of the knee, cut off any excess bandage
• All components are latex-free