Lastodur Strong Bandage

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Lastodur® Strong is the permanently elastic long-stretch bandage.

Lastodur® is a wear-resistant bandage that is permeable to air and kind to the skin. This bandage is permanently elastic, durable and provides even, sustained pressure, which acts on the superficial blood vessels.

It is highly conformable and produces a very secure finished bandage.

The bandage is available in two forms – Lastodur® Strong for high compression and Lastodur® Light for lighter compression.

Lastodur® Light
Elasticity of approximately 180% tension
Compression level: 22mmHg*
Suitable as layer three in four-layer bandaging system
84% viscose, 11.5% polyamide, 4% polyurethane, 0.5% cotton

Patients with severe arterial disease

Lastodur® Strong
Elasticity of approximately 180% tension – can be varied to provide controlled compression
Compression level: 38mmHg*
85% cotton, 8% polyurethane, 7% polyamide

Patients with arterial disease
Fixed ankle

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