Veinoplus Sport for Performance & Recovery

Veinoplus Sport 

Applied on calves, Veinoplus Sport activates muscles' contractions with and very small consumption of oxygen (no muscular fatigue). Thus, you can benefit from active recovery effects while sitting quietly.

Using Veinoplus® Sport on calves activates your Peripheral Heart and will provide you with a unique and totally innovative "whole body" or "global" recovery. It has the same effects as an active recovery, in a resting situation (passive recovery).

Using Veinoplus® Sport on other muscles (quadriceps, hamstrings, upper limbs etc), will provide you a targeted "local recovery" on the muscles which have been involved in exercise (prevention of soreness and cramps).

The device combines 3 effects, in only one program:

  • Improvement of recovery thanks to an increase of blood flows
  • Relaxing effect
  • Local analgesic effect



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