AMT Mini One Button 14Fr

  • Code: 151415S

  • Unit: 

If your patients’ comfort and outcome are being compromised by leaks and their related granulation tissue or erosion, you should switch to the Mini ONE® Balloon.

Mini ONE® balloon fill volume can be easily adjusted for a custom-fit, reducing leaks and improving patient comfort. Our more durable silicone material permits fill variations to assure the proper fit.

Introducer/Stiffener Makes Insertion Easier

Increase Balloon Life:

• Balloon is made from the highest grade medical silicone

• Stronger and more durable than other balloon buttons

• More compliant and better able to withstand stomach contractions

Reduce Skin Irritation and Discomfort:

• No hard, bulky external bolster means a lower profile

• Less obtrusive external bolster is much more comfortable for patient

• Flexible bolster is easier to clean around and less likely to create trauma to the stoma site

• The tapered transition from the shaft to the external bolster creates a better seal outside the stomach


Code Description Unit
151430S 3.0cm EACH Add to quote
151440S 4.0cm EACH Add to quote
151450S 5.0cm EACH Add to quote
151455S 5.5cm EACH Add to quote
151460S 5.5cm EACH Add to quote
151465S 6.5cm EACH Add to quote
151417S 14Fr 1.7cm EACH Add to quote