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Reynard 2% Chlorhexidine Wash Cloths

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2% Chlorhexidine Wash Cloths

Specially desgined for pre-admission patient washing and for inpatient use prior to clinical procedures.  Reynard chlorhexidine wash cloths contain 2% chlorhexidine digluconate along with skin conditioners and moisturisers to proivde a simple, rinse-free antiseptic body cleanings solution.  Effective against most vegetative bacteria, yeast and enveloped viruses, these alcohol and fragrance-free wipes efficiently clense and moisturise the body in one easy step.

Chorhexidine digluconate rapidly kiss all harmful bacteria that can be found on a patient's skin, providing long lasting residual protection with binding properties, ensuring an extra antibacterial barrier for hospital patients.


  • Extra-large, thhick cloth
  • Infection control friendly: one wipe per area
  • Perfume, latex and alcohol free
  • Wipes can be used hot, cold or at room temperature

How to use Reynard Chlorhexidine Wash Cloths

These wipes can be used heated, cooled or at room temperature for optimal comfort

Remove one cloth at a time and then reseal pack.

Use each cloth for specific areas of the body as follows:

Instructions for 4 wipe pack

Cloth 1:  Hands, face, neck and arms

Cloth 2:  Armpits, chest area and sides of body

Cloth 3:  Groin and buttocks area

Cloth 4:  Back and both legs

Pack of 4 wipes, Carton of 48 packs.