D Brief Bed Pad With Flaps

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Washable - Adult and child 100x100cm - 50cm flap.
Trust D Brief Protection to keep your bedding and mattress clean and dry.

No more complete bed changes with D Brief super adsorbent bed pads.  The soft upper, breathable 'rustle-free' backing are specifically designed to lock away fluid and give a more comfortable night’s sleep.

Easy to use:
Simply place your D Brief Bed pad on top of the bottom sheet - not underneath like a mattress protector.  Lie directly on the soft, quilted fabric upper and your bedding and mattress will stay protected.  The super absorbent pad will hold up to 2.5 litres of fluid over an 8 hour period and is easily removed for machine wash and tumble dry.  Tuck-in flaps hold the liner securely in place. It's compact and handy for travel.

Environmentally friendly - reusable not disposable - latex and PVC free:
Use a washable, reusable product in place of a disposable (wherever possible) to help with our environment and cut down the large amounts of product going into landfills everyday.

Care instructions:
1. Wash before use
2. Warm machine wash
3. Line dry or warm tumble dry
4. Do not use fabric softener or bleach
5. Do not iron
6. Do dry clean

D Brief Bed pads are guaranteed for a minimum of 250 wash/dry cycles, as long as care instructions are followed. Proof of purcahse is required.

Made in China

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