Needle Free Adaptor Hemodraw

  • Code: SMMX920NFC2CZ

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HemoDraw® is ICU Medical's needle-free closed blood sampling system for arterial blood sampling in adults. The unique design makes HemoDraw® safe, accurate and easy to handle in both Operating Rooms and Intensive Care Units. HemoDraw® is a unique, needle-free closed blood sampling system which protects both clinician and patient. HemoDraw® sets a new standard for blood sampling during pressure monitoring. HemoDraw® kits are available with ICU Medicals' LogiCal® and TranStar® transducer systems.

  • Closed system
  • Needle-free access
  • Single or dual handed operation
  • Two sampling sites in one kit (for use in ICU and OR)
  • Predetermined drawback volumes
  • Excess blood is returned to patient
  • Internal collapsible shield in the in-line reservoir
  • Ergonomic design
  • Minimises the clinician's exposure to patient blood
  • Eradicates the possibility of needle stick injuries
  • Conserves patient blood by reinfusing initial draw back volume
  • Reduces the risk of nosocomial infections
  • Confidence in whole blood samples
  • Maintains continuous patient blood pressure monitoring before and after blood sampling
  • Reduces risk associated with blood waste
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SMMX920NFC2CZ Needle Free Adaptor Hemodraw BX50 Add to quote