Huntleigh BD4000XS-2-A CTG Monitor(Twins Capable)

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The Huntleigh Sonicaid BD4000XS Fetal monitor

The BD4000xs is designed to deliver cost-effective solutions without compromising quality, precision and performance.  Ideally suited for the antenatal monitoring environment the BD4000xs provides the most cost effect and flexible solution.

High sensitivity transducers:  Incorporating multi crystal high sensitive transducers; with a reduction in size are less obtrusive and provide added comfort during monitoring.  The Toco transducer with its smooth surface reduces noticeable marks and enhances comfort.  Both transducers incorporate a unique belt button design aiding transducer placement.

 Ease of Use:  Effortless to operate, with its intuitive user interface and controls, requires minimal training, reducing time and cost.

  • User-customizable trace annotation facility
  • Automatic fetal movement detection
  • Maternally sensed fetal movement marker

Clear rate display:  The display comprises a large LCD, backlit for low light clinical environments and 2 large LED clear rate displays.   Clear visual display of FHR and contractions data and signal quality indications.

For further information view the brochure in the more information section. 

Warranty period: 2 years for the unit and 1 year for transducers.