Huntleigh Sonicaid FM830E CTG Monitor

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Huntleigh Sonicaid FM830E CTG Unit

The Sonicaid FM800 Encore Series is a high performance fetal and maternal monitor, using today's most advanced technology to produce the most accurate acquisition of data for clinician decision support. Whether you need standard fetal monitoring or equipment for specialist, high-risk care, the Sonicaid FM800 Encore series gives you accuracy and clarity in every situation.

Exclusive to Huntleigh - Unique CTG analysis included as standard giving enhanced decision support. Huntleigh is the appointed sole distributor of the unique Dawes/Redman CTG analysis software, with exclusive worldwide distribution rights. This unique CTG analysis addresses the problems associated with the traditional approach to CTG interpretation.

Antepartum CTG analysis - provides an objective, numerical and consistent assessment of the CTG. Clinicians can rely on the world’s largest database of collective experience to support their own visual assessment.

Intrapartum Trend - measures changes over time in the FHR. For use during the 1st stage of labour, clinicians are quickly alerted to changes in short term variability, baseline rate and deceleration size.