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RoMedic Thorax Stand up Sling

  • Code: 45500004

  • Unit: 

ThoraxSling is a specially adapted sit-to-stand vest that is used in combination with SystemRoMedic™ sit-to-stand lifts MiniLift200, MiniLift160 and MiniLift125. It is easy for the caregiver to apply, while giving the user an added sense of security during rising and standing training. ThoraxSling also facilitates toileting.

Together with MiniLift, ThoraxSling provides a very gentle and pleasant sit-to-stand experience. The movement of the lift arm is designed so that the pulling motion ends comfortably in the lower back, which prevents the vest from riding up under the arms.

Available in many sizes 

Code Description Unit
45500004 SMALL EACH Add to quote
45500006 MEDIUM EACH Add to quote
45500007 LARGE EACH Add to quote
45500008 X LARGE EACH Add to quote
45600004 SMALL -SEAT SUPPORT EACH Add to quote
45600006 MEDIUM - SEAT SUPPORT EACH Add to quote
45600007 LARGE - SEAT SUPPORT EACH Add to quote