RoMedic EasyGlide

  • Code: 5050

  • Unit: 


The sliding board EasyGlide helps transfer sitting users to and from wheelchairs, beds, toilets, car seats and many other seated positions. It is especially suitable for levelling out height differences and for bridging short distances.

EasyGlide is made of strong polyethylene and is available in two models and different sizes. The longer versions are especially suitable for transfers from wheelchair to car. The flexible three-part sliding board features foldable long sides and is easy to place in front of the wheels of a wheelchair to protect against soiling.


For supine transfers and for placing a lifting sling

EasyGlide, oval is a sliding board which is used for supine transfers from one bed or stretcher to another but also for positioning higher up in the bed. EasyGlide, oval can also be used to assist placement of a lifting sling both in the recumbent and in seated positions.

EasyGlide, oval is used when the gap is max. 5 cm/1.97”. For safety reasons EasyGlide, oval should have a firm underlying surface on both sides when transferring.

Code Description Unit
5000 120 x 60cm EACH Add to quote
5020 60 x 33cm EACH Add to quote
5050 120 x 60cm 3 piece EACH Add to quote
5060 60 x 25cm EACH Add to quote
DH5040 85 x 39cm OVAL EACH Add to quote
DH5042 85x39cm OVAL PAIR PAIR Add to quote
DH5045 45x20cm Oval Mini Pair PAIR Add to quote