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Level 1 Snuggle Warm Blankets

  • Code: SMSWU2004

  • Unit: 


The SMITHS MEDICAL - Convective Warmer is designed to maintain a patients normothermic temperature and includes a complete range of blankets.

  • 16 styles of Snuggle Warm® blankets for a wide variety of patient positioning and surgical access needs
  • Made of soft fabric-like material
  • Resistant to tears, punctures and fluids
  • Latex-free and radiotranslucent
  • Foldable blanket material allows for easy patient access
  • Blankets “snuggle” your patient reducing the need for tie-downs


The convective warmer draws ambient-temperature air through a HEPA air filter. The filtered air is warmed to a selected temperature.

The warmed air enters the convective warming blanket through the hose and is distributed through delivery channels.

Perforations on the patient side of the blanket gently disperse warm air over the patient.

The safety circuit provides an independent means to discontinue power to the heater.

This design prevents exposing the patient to excessive temperatures, while continuously monitoring over and under temperature alarms for each setting.

Code Description Unit
SMSWU2001 Warm Comfort Quilt BX10 Add to quote
SMSWU2002 Paediatric Full Body Blanket BX10 Add to quote
SMSWU2003 Upper Body Blanket BX10 Add to quote
SMSWU2004 Warm Lower Body BX10 Add to quote
SMSWU2007 Tube Warming Blanket BX10 Add to quote
SMSWU2008 Blanket Cardiac Sterile BX10 Add to quote
SMSWU2009 Paediatric Underbody Blanket BX10 Add to quote
SMSWU2010 Small Upper Body Blanket BX10 Add to quote
SMSWU2011 Large Pediatric Underbody Blanket BX10 Add to quote
SMSWU2013 Adult Underbody Blanket BX10 Add to quote
SMSWU2014L Lateral Access Blanket Left BX10 Add to quote
SMSWU2014R Lateral Access Blanket Right BX10 Add to quote
SMSWU2016 Full Body Split Access Blanket BX10 Add to quote
SMSWU2018 Multi Access Blankets BX10 Add to quote
SMSWU2113 Adult Underbody Blanket With Arm Openings BX10 Add to quote