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Habitrol is one of the most effective Nicotine Replacement Therapies (NRT). It is used as a safer nicotine source for those who want to avoid dangerous smoking habits.

An abrupt stop of nicotine intake can come with several side effects like headache, anxiety, irritability, mood swings and sweating. That is where the Habitrol comes in. It ensures the body receives the supply of nicotine without the harmful effects of smoking.

The gum works as the ideal treatment for those who have decided to quit smoking. There are different nicotine concentrations depending on the user’s smoking patterns. The 2mg Habitrol is for those who smoke less than 20 cigarettes in a day, while the 4mg is for those who smoke more.

At USL Medical, we stock all the available options in the market. Whether you are a heavy smoker or a light smoker looking to quit the habit, you can always buy your supply from us. As a medical facility, we have the best rates on the Habitrol supplies when looking to stock your pharmacy.