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Cricothoidotomy Kit

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Cricothoidotomy Kit

Cricothyroidotomy, also known as inferior laryngotomy or cricothyroidotomy, is an incision made through the skin to access an otherwise compromised and inaccessible airway immediately. In the event of a foreign object obstructing the airway or a severe facial injury, it may be necessary.

In cases where nasotracheal and orotracheal intubation has failed, this procedure is frequently used as a last resort. Unlike tracheostomies, this procedure is less invasive, and it has a lower risk of causing harm. A complete cricothyroidotomy kit is required for a successful emergency cricothyroidotomy.

USL Medical sells cricothyroidotomy kits that include everything a doctor needs to perform a cricothyroidotomy procedure. The suction catheter, blue line cannula, neck tapes, and the guarded scalpel are examples. The sterile outer bags they come in also make them suitable for trauma bags.

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