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The nasopharyngeal airway is one of the simplest airway management devices. Also known as a nasal trumpet or nose hose, the nasopharyngeal is designed for insertion into the nasal passage to create an open airway that allows for easy gastric content passage. 

The nasopharyngeal airways are made with top kink resistance. They are designed to ensure easy insertion with smooth round edges for increased patient comfort. A typical nasopharyngeal airway is around 6.0mm to 9.0mm in size. 

The airway device provides the best option for suctioning in ICUs and an alternative option if the oropharyngeal airway is obstructed. They are made of medical-grade PVC for easy integration with the nasopharyngeal anatomy. The thin wall construction makes it easy to place on the inner diameter.

The airway is designed with a bevel that helps avoid any mucosal trauma during insertion. The ready-to-use build also makes it the ideal management device.

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