When used in direct contact with wounds, gauze is a type of wound dressing that is frequently used. There is no adhesion with these dressings. They are also capable of conforming to the contours of the body and the site of the wound. - Besides being highly absorbent, gauze has the additional advantage of being soft.

Lacerations and burns, for example, are frequently treated with gauze by healthcare professionals because other fabrics would adhere to the skin or flesh in these situations. Using gauze to compress deep wounds and stop the bleeding is also common. When the dressing is removed, the gauze does not cause any discomfort.

A variety of gauze dressings are available for purchase here at USL Medical. We use non-adherent, highly absorbent dressings for our wound care products as their use is particularly beneficial in the management of wounds or injury sites that are leaking excessive amounts of blood or exudate. Cleaning and protecting the wound site will be accomplished using these dressings.

When the dressing is removed or changed, its non-adherent properties will help to minimize discomfort to the wound. In addition to managing sensitive wounds, our gauze dressing can treat wounds where other fabrics would adhere to the skin and cause trauma to the wound site.

Shop our gauze dressings and discover dressings in different styles, shapes, and sizes. Find the gauze dressings that best meet your needs and requirements.