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Mattresses, Cushions & Pillows

How the patient sleeps can determine their recovery during treatment. A medical facility needs to provide patients with a comfortable bed to help reduce pain and provide a peaceful sleep. That is why you need top-quality beddings that ensure support without irritating the skin.

Our mattresses, cushions and pillows are made with new technology that ensures comfort. They have well-designed features that come with non-slip bases for multiple functionalities.

USL Medical has a large selection of therapeutic mattresses, cushions and pillows to suit your needs. Whether you are looking for breathability when sleeping, support or better comfort during your sleep, you can always find the ideal mattress, cushion and pillow.

Check our range of mattresses, cushions and pillows made with the latest foam technology to alleviate discomfort for a peaceful night's sleep for your patients. Find full details on our product pages or reach out to one of our experts for assistance with customised sleep solutions.