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Skin Care

Skin Care

Most people are familiar with skincare products from traditional retailers, of which there are many. Whether it’s a moisturiser, eye cream or other beauty product, there’s no shortage of consumables on the market. While there might be many to choose from, few of these skincare products meet medical-grade specifications. 

Medical-grade skincare, also known as cosmeceutical skincare, are made for individuals with specific medical conditions relating to wrinkles, acne, sun damage and premature ageing. They have more active ingredients, working more effectively compared to rival over-the-counter products. They have higher success rates without affecting the skin negatively in any way. 

Medical skincare products provide both medicinal and cosmetic benefits, most frequently used following a dermatologist's recommendations. 

USL Medical has a great skincare range including products like skin cleansing foam, skin wash lotion, skin barrier cream, skin body lotion and many more.