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A medical bandage is a piece of material that can be used to support medical equipment like wound dressings or on its own to provide support to the body. These devices can also control body fluids like blood, lymph, and more. Leg wounds and injuries are typically treated with bandages. Patients with lymphedema, leg ulcers, venous hypertension, and cuts can benefit from them.

Bandages come in many different types, like tubular, butterfly, and cervical collar bandages, each with a specific purpose. The purpose of the dressing determines the fiber and construction of the bandage. The functions also determine how the textile compresses and fits the body.

At USL Medical, we have a wide range of medical bandages for your different needs. Our applications come in different compressions, sizes, and padding.

Please browse through our selection of bandages for the best option to match your needs. We guarantee top quality at the best prices.