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The purpose of a foam dressing is to create a healing environment. Polyurethane foam is used to make the hydrophilic or semi-permeable foam in this dressing, which is why it's so soft. When this foam is used, healing agents can thrive in a moist and warm environment. Infectious agents can't get to the wound site because of a layer of foam dressing. There is a small amount of water vapor that can pass through the foam because it is semi-permeable

On the other hand, it prevents harmful bacteria, debris, and other pollutants. Consequently, the wound is kept clean and moist, thanks to the dressing. As an added benefit, the foam acts as an insulator. Moisture and heat from the body are retained. That helps to keep the area warm and moist.

Foam dressings of all shapes and sizes can be found at USL Medical. Foam dressings from some of the most well-known manufacturers are available here. Foam dressings help to keep wounds moist, which is essential for healing. They will also serve as a barrier to keep the wound clean and dry.

Shop our selection of foam dressings and find dressings with varied features designed for different applications. Contact with any inquiries about our products or placing an order.