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Hand Sanitiser

Hand Sanitiser

The best way to prevent the risk COVID-19 virus is by avoiding exposure and getting vaccinated. At the same time, there are other preventive measures that you can use to keep you safe. One of the most recommended options is to wash hands using water and plain soap. However, that is not convenient most of the time. That is where the hand sanitiser comes in.

Hand sanitiser is an antiseptic applied to the hands to remove common pathogens. They come in the form of gel, foam or liquid and are the best options in case there is no water and soap, or when washing hands causes skin issues like scaling.

Hand sanitisers have proven to be an effective means of infection control in a wide range of setups, from schools to hospitals, nursing homes and any other places of social gathering.

There are different types of hand sanitisers; alcoholic and non-alcoholic. Both work effectively depending on the place of use.

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