Removing head and body hair needs to be done quickly and safely in perioperative and trauma procedures. That’s why having the best manual and electric hospital razors is necessary to streamline your workflow and prevent possible cuts and infections.

At USL Medical, we supply different types of surgical razors that we know to be highly effective, safe and versatile. Versatility allows you to use the same razor or electric clipper in different scenarios, thus saving time and money.

Some of the shaving products we offer at USL Medical include:

  • Professional electric clipper, designed to minimise the possibility of skin cuts while maximising battery life
  • Disposable shaving razors, such as this single-blade Bic razor pack
  • Double-sided razors, specifically designed for hospital use.
  • Clipper blades and charging/storage stations

Our razors can also be used by stationary patients for general hygiene, thanks to their safety features and ease of use.

USL Medical supplies the best and most reliable brands on the global market today, used in private and public healthcare facilities all around the world.