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Faecal Liners

Faecal Liners

Faecal or bowel incontinence is often embarrassing for many patients and yet as many as 1 in 20 might suffer from it. Faecal liners are used for light bowel incontinence either alone or with other continence products to improve hygiene, odour control and dignity. 

These super-absorbent faecal liners absorb liquid incontinence while containing solids. Made of comfortable fabrics and absorbent gels, they can allow those with continence to enjoy a greater quality of life. At USL Medical, we are happy to supply a wide range of faecal liners for incontinence to healthcare facilities and individual caregivers/patients. 

One of the best brands is MoliCare, whose Rectangular 3 Drops make an ultra-hygienic solution for people with light incontinence or faecal smearing. They are made of highly absorbent fabric and a waterproof backing and keep the skin dry and free of irritants. 

Vala Clean Cloth Rolls are another more affordable solution that can function as both a washcloth and a faecal liner. You can also order other faecal liners for incontinence with confidence in USL Medical as a trusted supplier in New Zealand and Australia.