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Skin Closures

Skin Closures

Closing surgical wounds are important to speed up the healing process at the surgical site. You'll need to close the wound with things like sutures, tape, staples, and adhesive strips as you get better. That helps to speed up the healing process at the surgical site. It encourages the growth of connective tissue at the incision site, which helps the skin to heal.

Skin closures are available from USL Medical in various styles and sizes to meet a variety of needs and requirements. Skin closure strips are included with our skin closures, and strips like these are used to close small incisions or wounds on the body. They pull the skin on either side of the incision to make it easier to heal properly. Closure strips are simple to maintain and help to reduce scarring. Staples and adhesives are two other types of skin closures available at USL Medical.

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