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One of the primary goals of wound care is to keep the wound site free of infection. Infection of wounds can make them more challenging to manage. Additionally, they can result in additional complications such as increased pain and illness. Antimicrobial dressings aid in the prevention of wound infection.

At USL Medical, you'll find a diverse selection of antimicrobial wound care products. Among our products are silver antimicrobial dressings and honey antimicrobial dressings. Our dressings selection includes products intended to keep wounds free of infection. They are formulated with a variety of antimicrobial agents.

Additionally, these products contribute to establishing an optimal environment for wound healing. Additionally, the dressings contain various bioactive ingredients that aid in wound healing. These ingredients benefit the skin and aid in the natural healing process.

 Find the dressing that's right for you. Contact us with any questions about our products or to place an order. We would be delighted to hear from you.