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Lighting systems are one of the most crucial aspects of a medical facility. A lighting system means more than just general illumination and comes in a variety of different types. For example, the examination lighting system is ideal for examining a patient. It can be used by general practitioners in clinics, nurses in hospitals, dermatologists, gynaecologists and other medical professionals when examining a patient.

Lighting systems can also be used for other procedures like surgeries and dental care, reducing the risk of error.

Improving technology has led to a massive shift in lighting outputs. At USL Medical we supply a wide range of lighting systems to meet the various needs of a medical facility. Our medical lighting systems are designed specifically for medical, veterinary and dental care. They come with environmentally-friendly LED technology, ideal for the clinical environment.

All of our high-quality lighting solutions are made for long term and continuous use and are safe for the environment, patients and medical professionals.