Heat Moisture Exchangers

Heat Moisture Exchangers

Proper humidification is one of the main challenges of mechanical ventilation. To support the clinicians and tracheostomy patients, USL medical provides a full range of heat moisture exchangers (HMEs). 

The HMEs protect the tracheostomy patients by blocking the exposed airway of the patient. It also provides for high output and low resistance to the flow of moisture leading to less loss of heat while providing comfortable breathing. It also comes with a bacteria-resistant filter that helps protect it from contamination. 

The basic components of HMEs are paper, foam and a substance acting as an absorption and condensation surface. The material contains hygroscopic salts like calcium chloride to increase moisture retention. 

HMEs come in various sizes and can fit different adhesive or attachment surfaces. They are also great for travelling as it is a small device that does not require distilled water to operate. 

Our HMEs provide quality tracheostomy humidification. Browse our wide range of heat moisture exchangers for seamless respiratory therapy.