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Needles are frequently used in medical care for the rapid delivery of fluids, for injecting substances that cannot be ingested or to extract fluids from the body. The needle is also an ideal way to deliver medications to the body that would otherwise cause vomiting or harm to the liver.  

They are also used in research requiring sterile conditions, reducing contamination during the inoculation of substances due to their soft but extremely sharp end. 

Needles are commonly used with a syringe and are hand-operated by medical staff. There are numerous medical needles with varying lengths and diameters. Lengths typically exist from 0.5 - 3.0 inches while the diameter is in gauges. The size of the needle used depends on the viscosity of the medication given. The selection of the needles, therefore, depends on the specific use and the medication.

At USL medical you'll find a great range of certified needles from trusted manufacturers. This includes dental, drawing up, gripper, hypodermic, intraosseous and spinal needles.