Knee Level 2

Knee Level 2

Level 2 knee support is the moderate rehabilitation required following a knee injury or post-surgery recovery. Level 2 support is ideal for managing symptoms and minimising recovery time from tendonitis, patella subluxation and chondromalacia. 

Level 2 knee skins are made with reinforced spring steel for extra medial support and elastic cross straps for compression and optimal collateral ligament support. This helps reduce pain on the knees while speeding up healing. The device is also lightweight to ensure ease of mobility.

Knee braces are made from unique breathable materials that aid in proper moisture management. The adjustable anchoring straps provide for compression adjustments depending on pain levels. 

Knee braces come in either front-closure or pull-on designs. They can fit either the left or right legs. 

With the various knee braces and skins available online it can be difficult to settle on one. However, you need not worry because USL Medical has the best range of skin braces to match your medical needs.