Spatulas for medical, laboratory, dental and other uses are often designed differently, depending on their application. Here at USL Medical, we supply all these kinds of spatulas to healthcare facilities across Australia and New Zealand. 

These simple devices find many uses in a typical hospital including: 

  • As a tongue depressor for patients
  • For collecting cell samples
  • Mixing chemicals and drugs in medical laboratories
  • Mixing liquid and regular dental cement
  • Inserting dental cement material

There are also specialised spatulas used in other applications. At USL Medical, we supply all kinds of medical professional-grade spatulas and tongue depressors to suit all your needs. You can buy them in different materials including wood, stainless steel, silicon and more.

You can also buy sterile vaginal/cervical scrapers used in collecting medical samples. These will be made of high-quality, sterile stainless steel for durability and corrosion resistance. Whatever the type, size or material of medical spatula you need, make your order now from USL Medical.