General Purpose Bowls

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General Purpose Bowls

A general purpose bowl is a medical device that can be used for various clinical and practical applications. It can be used as a vomit bowl and commode chair bowl. It can also be used for carrying instruments, dressings and more. It is graduated for accurate liquid measuring.

The bowls are waterproof to meet medical standards and are made of recycled and disposable materials. They are high-quality products designed with an outer surface that allows for easy handling and carrying by the patient. The wide rim protects the hands when holding a full bowl. You can also purchase a plastic support and dispenser rack. 

The bowl has multiple uses due to its controlled pouring feature, ease of carrying even when full, and strong sides that support it when full. The bowl also has an optional cover lid whenever needed. 

For more information about general purpose bowls contact the customer-focused team at USL Medical.