For most surgical procedures, general anaesthesia works fine. It involves the medical practitioner giving the patient a medication that sends them to sleep. They stay unconscious and pain-free throughout the entire procedure. However, instead of sending one to sleep, the medical practitioners might opt for spinal anaesthesia which numbs the lower half of the body. 

The spinal anaesthesia is administered through either a single injection or continuous infusion via a small tube. 

For a seamless spinal anaesthesia process, there are a variety of tools and equipment the doctor must use. They include the spinal needle, tuohy needles and tubings. All these you can purchase from USL Medical. 

The USL Medical Spinal Maxipack comes with all the essential components for successful spinal anaesthesia in a single package. The lower part of the package carries the components for the spinal anaesthesia while the upper part has the patient preparation items. 

USL Medical also has other products for spinal anaesthesia such as lancet and pencil-point spinal needles, trays and other standalone spinal anaesthesia components.