A medical ventilator is a crucial device when a person can’t breathe on their own or can’t breathe properly. The ventilator machine helps the lungs work.

The ventilator machine can be used by both adults and children for a short while recovering from a condition or any other time as prescribed by the medical professional. Some cases where the ventilator can be applicable are during surgery when the patient is under anaesthesia when recovering from surgery and in cases of lung disease that make breathing difficult.

Ventilators have become a common device in medical facilities following the COVID-19 outbreak. Most people diagnosed with the virus experienced difficulties in breathing. Many needed the help of ventilators.

There are several types of ventilators including face mask ventilators, mechanical ventilators, tracheostomy ventilators and manual resuscitator bags. 

The ventilator comes with a breathing tube that connects the machine to the body. One of the ends of the tube enters through the mouth or nose to connect to the lungs. It then uses pressure to blow oxygenated air into the lungs. 

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