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Knee Level 1

Knee Level 1

Are you suffering from knee soreness or bruises? If yes, then you need a level 1 knee sleeve. The sleeves are made by world-class health practitioners, providing pain relief for knee ailments like swelling, stiffness, meniscus tear and general knee soreness. They can also relieve joint pressure and pain in those suffering from arthritis and osteoarthritis. 

Knee sleeves are made from premium fibre fabrics for high-level support to improve medial and lateral stability. They are designed with a top and bottom to ensure fit and have bounded edges to increase breathability and improve moisture management. 

The knee support also has a bi-layer construction with dermophillic cotton which makes it ideal for use in all weathers. 

Buy the level 1 knee braces online from USL Medical. The site has a range of knee skins and other rehabilitative products used for faster recovery from injuries and post-surgery situations.