A wrist brace is a device used to keep the wrist in a neutral position while allowing the free and natural movement of the fingers and the thumb. It compresses the area around the wrist to retain heat around the inflammation and painful areas. It also maintains the thumb in its neutral abduction position.

The wrist brace comes with an adjustable radial stray and a removable palmar splint that can be used at various degrees for restrictive wrist flexion. The adjustable thumb strap can accommodate swelling and thumbs of varying sizes. 

Most wrist braces are made with thermoregulation materials to ensure proper heat management and comfort for regular wearing. They also have a soft-lined interior for breathability and independent fasteners which allows for one-hand adjusting.

Wrist wraps are suitable for athletes, office workers, or for those in manual labour. They are also ideal when protecting the wrist following injuries like sprain and strain, wrist arthritis, and tendinitis. 

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