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All in One Slip

All-in-one slips, also known as brief slips or adult diapers, are the go-to solution for severe urinary and faecal incontinence. Highly dependent individuals such as seniors and invalids in the community, in hospitals and in aged care facilities deserve the best slips to ensure unparalleled absorption, odour protection and overall comfort. 

At USL Medical, we source and supply top brands that manufacturer all-in-one slips to the highest quality standards. That means maximum leak protection, protection from skin irritation and a secure fit. 

One of these top brands is MoliCare. MoliCare premium slips are a trusted choice for heavy incontinence due to their maximum absorption, comfortable but secure fit and skin protection. Both stationary and mobile users can use these deluxe slips with ease, with minimum leakage and odour.

We stock slips of different sizes and capabilities, which you can select to suit your particular needs. These are usually rated on sizing guides ranging from small to extra-large, whereas effectiveness can be measured on an absorbency scale of 1-10 from lowest to highest.  

Whichever product you need, you can be sure that USL Medical provides only high-quality slips and other incontinence supplies.